The Avocado Surprise

The sandwich is about as American as the proverbial apple pie. It offers a great way to consume wholesome nutrition that will carry you through your day. Try this vegan sandwich for lunch. It is tasty, filling and healthy.

The Avocado Surprise


-2 Slices of Whole Grain Sesame Bread ( I prefer Ezekial Sesame Bread) Lightly Toasted.

– Fresh alfalfa sprouts are high in vitamin K and supply thirteen percent of the RDA, (Individuals on blood thinner should consult with doctors before consuming), they also contain easily assimilated protein, while delivering only eight calories per serving. Sprouts also contains B vitamins and other nutrients, which make them a true super food.

– 1/4 cup of shredded carrots

– 1/2 medium avocado – high in healthy monounsaturated fat, which has anti-inflammatory properties. They are high in vitamin K, They have more potassium than bananas and are loaded with fiber.

– 1 Dark green leaf of romaine lettuce – Romaine lettuce has been getting a lot of bad press lately due to its link to e coli, but fresh organic romaine lettuce is high in vitamin C and beta carotene. It is a good source of the B vitamin Folic acid, which is needed for a healthy blood vessels and great source of potassium.

– Vegan Mayonnaise ( I use Healthy Heart Grape Seed Veganaise)

– A few thin slices of red pepper- contain a healthy dose of carotenoids and phytochemicals, which are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Place all the ingredients on the bread, slice and enjoy with your favorite herbal tea or juice.

Author: higherthanmostonyoga

Kenny is a writer and avid yoga practitioner. His background includes a masters degree in sports/exercise psychology, national certifications in strength and conditioning, holistic nutrition, martial arts, and yoga. Kenny is member of the National Conditioning and Strength Coaches Association (NSCA) and is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City, Bowie State University and Argosy University. He along with his wife own Bull Dawg Athletic Training and Physical Therapy in Arlington, Virginia.

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